Eligibility Criteria

Open to third country nationals, i.e. not Maltese, EU, EEA or Swiss nationals. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Eligibility may also be extended to applicant’s dependants, including spouses or partners in a relationship, children, parents and grandparents under certain terms.

Contribution to the Government of Malta

Applicants are required to contribute €30,000 (€5,500 of which are payable upon application) to the government of Malta on the approval of the application. This covers themselves, their spouse/partner and any economically dependent and unmarried children. Other dependants (eg. parents and grandparents) may be added at an additional €5,000 each, payable upon submission of application.


The government of Malta aims to attract only people of the highest standards through this programme. Applicants will be subject to due diligence scrutiny and are expected to have a clean criminal record.

Additional Requirements

– Valid travel document;
– Comprehensive health insurance;
– Stable and regular income; and
– Annual income of €100,000+ arising outside of Malta, or a capital of €500,000 or more.

Property Purchase or Rental

Applicants are required to make a commitment to buy a property in Malta for a minimum investment of €320,000 (€270,000 – Gozo / south of Malta) or rent a property with a minimum investment of €12,000 per year in Malta (€10,000 – Gozo / south of Malta) in both cases, for a minimum of five years.

Tax Treatment

An individual is typically resident but not domiciled in Malta when the individual lives in Malta for more than 183 days in a calendar year, but does not intend to live in Malta permanently. In such cases, the individual is subject to tax in Malta on any Maltese source of income and on any foreign income remitted to Malta. Capital gains arising outside Malta will remain not taxable in Malta even if received in Malta. A person who is neither ordinarily resident, nor domiciled in Malta, is taxable only on income arising in Malta i.e. income having a Malta source.

Individuals granted a Certificate as per these Regulations may also qualify for tax incentives granted under a separate programme entitled the Global Residence Programme, granting the holder a 15% beneficial tax rate on income received in Malta from foreign sources with the possibility to claim relief from double taxation.


Upon approval of the application, the main applicants are required to invest €250,000 in approved instruments, typically Government approved bonds, to be held for a minimum of five years.

Frequently Asked Questions

As official concessionaires chosen by the Government of Malta to promote the Malta Residence and Visa Programme in the Middle East, our team of professionals are available to discuss any queries you might have with regards to the programme. We have listed some frequently asked questions below, however, please feel free to reach us to us by sending an email to info@wahaat.com and we will be more than happy to answer any specific questions on a more personal level.

1.  Eligibility & Fees

2.  Qualifying Investment

3.  Qualifying Property

4.  Proof of Assets

5.  The Due Diligence Process

6.  Checklist of Documents to be Presented During Application Submission

7.  Submission of Application

8.  Issuance of Notice of Approval-In-Principle, Residence Certificate, Biometrics and Issuance of e-Residence Card

9.  Living and Working in Malta

10. Travel

11. General Questions

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