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Maltese Citizenship Adoption Law To Change

by Maria, on Apr 29, 2019 10:46:41 AM

Maltese Citizenship Adoption Law To Change

Earlier last week the Government released that it proposes that there will be a change in the law concerning Maltese Citizenship.

The Maltese Government proposes that adopted children will receive Maltese Citizenship.

Currently, adoptive parents endure an even longer process for their adoptive children. Parents need to go through a whole court process for their children to be recognised as  Maltese Citizens.

Muscat said that these children are equal to other children, and should be given the same level of dignity as he addressed the first National Conference in Malta regarding adoption.

Family Minister Michael Falzon added that the government would continue to facilitate the adoption process. He ended by saying that Malta must follow the standards and legal regulations which are in place for all those who enter this process.

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