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Malta launches new state-of-the-art passport

by Oliver Said, on Jul 30, 2019 2:15:41 PM

Malta launches new state-of-art passport

Malta which already promotes the most exclusive citizenship by investment program in the world, is now rolling out a higher security passport.

The new Maltese passport will be one of the most secure within Europe and will replace the existing version towards the end of 2019.

The new passport will include new security features including;

• UV and IR prints
• See-through window
• Diffractive Optically Variable Image Devices (DOVID) features

The new passport also includes an advanced bio-page solution that fuses together various individual layers by using tremendous pressure and heat. As a result, it creates a secure card that can safely capture the passport holder’s personal details.

The personal data will be then laser engraved on the polycarbonate bio-page, producing a very high-quality definition image replica.

The pre-production testing is being led by De La Rue, a company that manufactures security printed products, including banknotes, passports.

The Maltese citizenship by investment is available against a donation of €650,000, a qualifying property together with an investment of €150,000 in securities listed on the Malta Stock Exchange.

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